Services for Operators


We provide a wide range of regulatory, clinical, operational, financial and management services for care providers ranging from sole traders to mid-tier corporates.

Operational problems can be varied but most likely rooted in reduced occupancy caused by a poor regulator inspection and/or Local Authority intervention for example in response to safeguarding issues.  We have the experience to investigate the issues, creating and rapidly implementing a remedial action plan.  

We can:

  • review / draft and embed remedial action plans and updated policies / procedures. 

  • swiftly execute performance solutions to improve KPIs. 

  • provide hands-on / hands-off solutions to support and manage the client's operational / quality / audit teams. 

  • deliver Management Support, Project Management, Training & Coaching. 


Home Management

An opportunity to leave home management with sector experts.

Home management can be intense with its regulatory and compliance issues.  This service is designed to lift the load from owners with regular management reports and communication.



Can you afford to take a chance and hope the next CQC inspection will be OK?

Compliance is complex and ever changing. Unless you are a large care operator, understanding and dealing with the impact can be challenging and time consuming. We have the experience and skills to review your compliance status and history and identify the changes required.  HeadWindsCare offers a simulated CQC inspection covering 18 key issues within the five KLOE's.  The HeadWindsCare report is usually produced within five working days and the operator can either take it from there, or alternatively we can work alongside the operator's team until the problems are fixed.  Our team regularly deals with adverse CQC ratings, embargoes, breaches, warning notices, NOP's etc.

As Compliance is a huge issue, the benefits of this service can be very cost effective.


A robust Governance system is a hallmark of well performing organisations.

A Healthcare Board needs to focus on care, quality and the resident experience and demonstrate, both internally and externally, understanding of their business. A Boards’ role is to provide strong leadership and evidence to stakeholders of:

  • A strong strategic vision

  • Transparent and measurable quality systems providing stakeholder confidence to deliver safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led services

  • Services that are sustainable and fit for purpose

  • Robust operational, financial and management processes as part of an integrated governance system

  • Strong understanding and proactive response to market forces and pressures


Involvement with many healthcare operators over many years enables us to identify what an excellent Governance Framework looks like.


Effective marketing ensures a quality operator maintains optimum occupancy levels.

Marketing is an art rather than a science. Experience shows having a good ‘shop window’ is an essential starting point, otherwise its money down the drain. Just like selling your house you need to ensure first impressions count – both externally and internally. That is the easy bit.

Getting there can be difficult – it’s all about knowing your client group, competition, local supply/demand, local authority market shaping efforts, demographics, good marketing material and methods etc. You also need to ensure your service shouts care and quality in large measures and of course having a CQC overall rating of Good really helps.

Not all care homes can tick these boxes and need help getting the basics in place to better understand how their service compares with the care home around the corner.

Our approach is an honest assessment of what an operator needs to do BEFORE professional marketing commences. Then we identify the best marketing plan within a defined budget/timescale and work at getting the marketing off the ground, with ongoing monitoring and fine tuning as necessary.


A Quality Assurance Framework reinforces commitment and accountability.

A QAF ensures quality and clinical effectiveness to drive the provision, organisation and management of care services. Clinical governance is a recognised component of accountability by underpinning quality and safety and also influences/supports system design.


The aims of a QAF are:

  • Delivery of safe and effective care based on available evidence and best practice

  • Achieving demonstrable improvements in resident outcomes

  • Increasing the involvement of staff, residents, families and visiting professionals in clinical governance and quality improvement activities

  • Providing assurance to residents, families and commissioners regarding systems for safety and quality of care


Similar to Governance, observing lots of healthcare operators enables us to identify what an excellent QAF looks like.

Project Management

You tell us what you need, and we will tell you if we can do it.

Projects typically might be:

  • A change/addition of a client group

  • A viability plan for an extension

  • Installation of a CCTV system

  • Back Office work including changing/upgrading policies and procedures

  • Kitchen audits


IOTa (Information on Tap) is a care operator support package that spreads the impact of professional care solutions into monthly affordable costs, starting from as little as £199 per month.

HeadWindsCare is focussed on delivering cost-effective quality and discrete care services for our growing number of clients.  We want to continue expanding our client base and make our services more affordable to more care operators.  This is where IOTa comes in.

IOTa is a care operator subscriptions based support package that delivers a range of clinical, operational, commercial services with payments spread over 12 months and which starts at just £199 per month (inclusive of travel costs). 

IOTa provides a comprehensive support package suitable for most care operators which has bolt-on upgrades.

IOTa includes:

  • Annual mock CQC inspection with half year follow ups (inc. reports and action plans)

  • On call advice for clinical, compliance, crisis management, operational and financial matters

  • Performance Improvement report (covers a combination of operational, commercial and financial issues, benchmarking KPI's with a summary of potential net financial savings)

Upgrades include:

  • Quarterly themed audits eg medication, care plans, safeguardings, risk assessments

  • Marketing Plans

  • Governance reviews/audits

  • Bespoke plans/audits to meet operator's requirements

A valuable benefit of the IOTa subscription is the demonstration of good Governance as part of the CQC Well-Led KLOE.

The IOTa support package (without upgrades) is costed at over £2,750 pa.  So signing up to IOTa represents an excellent opportunity of not only improving the quality and efficiency of your care home but also spreading the costs and saving money at the same time.

Note: IOTa applies to England only.  Terms and Conditions apply 

Business Support

Customised packages built around budget and circumstances.

Business Support are customised packages for care operators requiring operational, financial and management support at an affordable cost.  Because its customised to the prevailing circumstances, it can be as comprehensive and flexible as required.

Home Decommissioning

An emotive and sensitive project for which we have significant experience.

We have closed many care homes for all sorts of reasons.

All have gone well due to detailed planning, co-ordination, communication and attention to detail. This doesn’t mean that it’s been easy though because nothing can avoid the shock of the announcement to residents, families, staff and the social services. Add to that the frequent impact of media intrusion on a seemingly ‘soft target’ and the PR implications can be very difficult for the operator and stakeholders.



Performance Improvement

Arguably the most important financial issue for operators.

Trading improvement is a key target for all healthcare businesses.

HeadWindsCare adopts a top down approach on the key drivers:

  • Occupancy– Registration versus room availability/singles/en-suites/embargoes

  • Fees– Local Authority/private/spread

  • Staff costs– including agency, pay rates, rotas etc

  • Other overheads– including food/utilities etc



HeadWindsCare has plenty of experience reviewing care operator’s financials and benchmarking them against regional and national trends.  Highlighting low fees or high staff costs and advising/helping to turn them around can be a very cost-effective exercise.

Business Plans

Need to raise capital or attract investment?

If you haven’t written a business plan with supporting forecasts (ever/for a long time) then perhaps now isn’t the best time to start, particularly if you have stress inducing deadlines/cash issues.

We can deploy quickly and work with you to understand what you need to achieve and deliver a business plan and if you want us to, attend the bank/investor meetings to ensure the message is delivered succinctly to optimise a successful outcome.

Due Diligence

This is deep into specialist accountancy/advisory territory and the key question is whether your advisor has the specialist healthcare experience to optimise value.

We know the sector very well and familiar with recent corporate M&A multiples and transactions.  We are happy to act as a specialist (buy/sell side) to support your professional advisors to make the transaction smoother and improve value.

We are also experienced in DD provision (sell side) or DD review (buy side) and likewise our work will supplement that of your professional advisors to deliver fewer surprises and drive greater value.



Non-Executive Roles

Creative contribution

In the appropriate circumstances we could consider a non-executive director role to provide a creative contribution and improvement to the board by providing dispassionate and objective criticism.

The provision of Bryan Higgins’ 25 years sector experience include the benefits of:

  • Independence

  • Impartiality

  • Wide experience

  • Special knowledge

  • Personal qualities


More key responsibilities may include:

  • Contributing to the strategic direction of the company

  • Efficiently solving problems that arise

  • Communicating with third parties

  • Ensuring all the audit/compliance/governance requirements are satisfied

Coaching and Mentoring

Use our skills and experience to improve yours.

We can provide management with a wide range of tools and techniques to impart Social Care coaching and mentoring.

Our focus will be on the core operational and financial issues to meet client requirements.

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