Services for Lenders, Stakeholders and Professionals


We provide a range of regulatory, clinical, operational, financial and management services for care providers ranging from sole traders to mid-tier corporates. 


Operational problems can be varied but most likely rooted in reduced occupancy caused by a poor regulator inspection and/or Local Authority intervention for example in response to safeguarding issues.  Both can result in an admissions embargo.  We have significant experience of Investigating the issues, creating and rapidly implementing a remedial action plan, SIP's, dealing with warning notices, breaches, NOP's etc. 

We can

  • review / draft / embed remedial action plans along with updated policies / procedures. 

  • swiftly execute performance solutions to improve KPIs.

  • provide hands-on / hands-off solutions to support and manage the client's operational / quality / audit teams.

  • deliver Management Support, Project Management, Training & Coaching. 

Service Oversight

Oversight is all about systems and actions to control an activity and make sure it's done correctly and legally (Cambridge Dictionary) 

Our Service Oversight is suitable for small/medium sized groups/stakeholders keen to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the individual components of their portfolio.

HeadWindsCare Service Oversight reports provide significant detail and added value as they contain analysis, commentary and review of: Dashboard, Data Analytics, Quality & Compliance, Governance, Staffing and Management, Financial Performance, Property/Estates, Marketing and SWOT analysis.  The benefits of commissioning a Service Oversight report are:

  • It's an extension of Governance and so part of the CQC's Well-Led KLOE

  • A timely quality/compliance review can help ensure any necessary remedial action is completed ahead of a CQC inspection, so maximising the opportunity of receiving a Good/Outstanding overall rating

  • It's a very cost-effective method of identifying underperforming elements of the business via the use of extensive benchmarking tools

  • The Data Analytics significantly assists developing the Marketing strategy particularly relating to self funders

  • Staffing costs are analysed in detail identifying under/over staffing and competiveness of pay, terms and conditions etc.  It can also provide valuable insight into management/staff capabilities

HeadWindsCare has significant experience of Service Oversight having undertaken 66 care home reports in 2018.



Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement is a must for all healthcare businesses.

HeadWindsCare adopts a top down approach to the key drivers:

  • Occupancy– Registration versus room availability/singles/en-suites/embargoes

  • Fees– Local Authority/private/spread

  • Staff costs– including agency, pay rates, rotas etc

  • Other overheads– including food/utilities etc



HeadWindsCare uses a range of analysis methods and tools to produce statistics for benchmarking on a national and regional level.  This includes a very detailed analysis of staffing numbers, wage rates and rota numbers.  The outcome is a report that identifies the status/position of the care home with costed improvement opportunities.

Our report can be used for care homes undergoing turnaround/recovery as well as reasonably performing care homes seeking further performance improvement in order to gain a competitive edge over its competitors.

The HeadWindsCare report is an extremely cost-effective opportunity of not only identifying potential cost savings and income uplifts, but also providing information on how the care home compares with its competitors.



A staple tool for Lenders when risk begins to escalate.


IBR/ISRs provide commentary on:

  • a healthcare client’s current financial position

  • a healthcare client’s proposals/business/turnaround plan

  • options including recommendations on timings, costs and risk profile


We can provide expert operational/financial support to the IP by:

  • understanding the nature and dynamics of the care business

  • understanding the impact of, and relationship between, regulatory, clinical, operational, financial and management issues

  • reviewing financial performance – extracting key performance indicators and benchmarking against regional and national data

  • identifying profit improvement/cost reduction optimisation opportunities

  • assessment of management’s commitment, resources and capabilities


The benefits to an IP of appointing HeadWindsCare to support them is through strong sector-based experience and credentials.

This enables the IBR/ISR to deliver greater understanding of the sector dynamics, issues and risks, and so reinforce the key recommendations.



The final option to protect lending values despite the costs involved.

Formal insolvency has its place, often as a last resort, to unlock a lender’s indebtedness.

Our experience of all forms of insolvency is extensive, and we have an excellent track record of trading care homes through to a going concern sale for the benefit of all parties.


We have the skills and resources to provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist lenders by providing robust recommendations, when faced with difficult decisions.


Our experience extends to:

  • Relationships with The Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Local Authorities

  • Communicating with the host local authority to mitigate risks of admission embargoes

  • Improving the quality and compliance pending a sale

  • Stabilising/improving the EBITDAR during the process

  • Improving staff management/recruitment/retention and reducing agency costs

  • Understanding the sensitivities surrounding situations involving vulnerable individuals (e.g. complaints/safeguardings), as well as the need to manage potentially negative PR

  • Extracting Due Diligence information

  • Hosting potential purchaser visits and field operational queries

  • Liaising closely with other professionals e.g. sales agent, solicitors


Non-executive roles

Creative contribution

In the appropriate circumstances we could consider a non-executive director role to provide a creative contribution and improvement to the Board by providing dispassionate and objective criticism.

The provision of Bryan Higgins’ 25+ years sector experience include the benefits of:

  • Independence

  • Impartiality

  • Wide experience

  • Special knowledge

  • Personal qualities


More key responsibilities may include:

  • Contributing to the strategic direction of the organisation

  • Efficiently solving problems that arise

  • Communicating with third parties

  • Ensuring all the audit/compliance/governance requirements are satisfied

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