• Alex Pycock

Crisis Management

Last month a HeadWindsCare client was involved in a Coroner’s Inquest relating to a choking incident resulting in a resident dying in hospital 10 day’s later.

The death was recorded as accidental with no narrative verdict issued. For the client this was an enormous relief after six months of anxiety.

Immediately following the incident we were commissioned to provide an investigation report. This identified that there was very little the client could have been done to change the choking outcome as there were no prior incidents that could have alerted the care home. Staff responded immediately to the incident and followed all the correct procedures. The important thing was that there were still lessons to be learned and revised actions to be implemented to mitigate future choking incidents. However, it was evident from the outset that the client required legal help and which we were able to facilitate and coordinate progress.

I highlight this as it’s a typical example of a crisis incident occuring without warning, the result being the ultimate ‘test’ of staff training and the implementation of the care home’s policies and procudures. Staff either know what to do, or not, at such a crisis and very often there is no time to read documentation.

Crisis intervention and management more often than not is a team event which often includes external resources. Knowing what to do in a crisis, and who to turn to, is key to managing the situation when the time comes for explanations.

HeadWindsCare is therefore setting up a CRISIS MANAGEMENT OVERSIGHT service where we can not only guide care operators through an immediate crisis, but introduce and co-ordinate dedicated/experienced professionals with specific resultant issues. Our team will consist of experts drawn from complimentary professions such as legal, staff training, restructuring, public relations etc.

If you are involved in care provision and want to know more, please contact me.

Last month I mentioned a new ‘talking heads’ video being prepared. This is now live on the website and explains what HeadWindsCare does and how it's different to the competition. It's just over a minute long so please take a look. (Constructive feedback always appreciated!)

To finish this month’s update I feature a very apt quote from General George S Patton (US Army) in WW2.

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