LifeCycle Services

Start-Ups and Early Years


Registration and Growth

HeadWindsCare can provide fast track support and strategy covering all aspects of start-ups and CQC Registrations:


  • Help with all CQC Registration Forms

  • Nominated Individual support

  • Assistance sourcing policies/procedures and document templates

  • Help creating business plans and marketing plans

  • ‘Fit persons’ interview support


HeadWindsCare can support/nurture your care sector business from infancy through to maturity.

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Maturity and Stability


Marketing is an art rather than a science. 


It’s all about knowing your client group, competition, local supply/demand, local authority market shaping efforts, demographics and creating good marketing material and methods etc. and then (the clever bit) is about turning this to your competitive advantage.


HeadWindsCare can create a marketing plan within a defined budget/timescale and get your marketing off the ground, with ongoing monitoring and fine tuning as necessary.

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A Quality Assurance Framework ensures quality and clinical effectiveness to drive the provision, organisation and management of care services. Clinical governance is a recognised component of accountability by underpinning quality and safety and also influences/supports system design.

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Project Management

Projects typically could be:


  • Due diligence to support new service acquisitions

  • A service disposal

  • Interim ‘C’ suite work

  • Detailed investigations/reporting (e.g. Coroners, Safeguarding)

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Mock CQC Inspections

Compliance is complex and ever changing. Unless you are a large care operator, understanding and dealing with the impact can be challenging and time consuming. We have the experience and skills to review your compliance status and history and identify the changes required.  HeadWindsCare offers a simulated CQC inspection covering 18 key issues within the five KLOE's.  

HeadWindsCare regularly deals with adverse CQC ratings, embargoes, breaches, warning notices, NOP's etc.


As Compliance is a huge issue, the benefits of this service can be very cost effective.


Can you afford to take a chance and hope the next CQC inspection will be OK? 

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Performance Improvement

Our Performance Improvement uses a range of analysis methods and tools to produce KPIs for benchmarking on a national and regional level. 


This includes a very detailed analysis of staffing numbers, wage rates and rota deployment.  The outcome is a report that identifies the status/position of the care home with costed improvement opportunities.  Our report can be used for care homes undergoing turnaround as well as reasonably performing care homes seeking further performance improvement in order to gain a competitive edge.


The benefits of Performance Improvement can be summed in just five words: ‘you owe it to yourself’.


The Service Oversight is a natural extension that provides significant detail and added value with commentary and review of: Dashboard creation, Data Analytics, Quality & Compliance, Governance, Staffing and Management, Financial Performance, Property/Estates, Marketing and SWOT analysis.


Anytime Problem Solutions


Our experience of all forms of Turnaround is extensive and extends to:

  • Root cause analysis of the problems

  • Typically, this is an extensive ‘drains-up’ review of clinical, operational, financial and management issues

  • We often recommend a ‘mock CQC inspection’ to identify a base operational platform

  • We also often recommend a Performance Improvement and Oversight review (see above)

  • The creation of a prioritised action plan with responsibilities and timescales

  • Understanding the impact on cash/solvency during the process

  • Communication with stakeholders (CQC, LA’s lenders etc) to obtain ‘buy-in’

  • Working closely with management during the remedial action process

  • Setting milestones and reporting on goal achievements

  • Ensuring quality and compliance is maintained/improved during the process

  • Setting goals for achieving agency reduction and staff management/recruitment/retention goals

  • Strong and effective communications at all levels


Turnaround is a customised package for care operators requiring ongoing operational, financial and management support at an affordable cost. 


Consequently, it can be as comprehensive and flexible as required.

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